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Vision and values

The Westminster Parliament is a unique institution, known world-wide and the House of Commons is the central element in our democracy. It is supported by the House of Commons Service. The House Service of nearly 2,000 people is a high-achieving, professional organisation supporting the parliamentary process in a remarkable variety of ways. We are not civil servants (we serve the Legislature, not the Executive) and we are rigidly politically impartial. We have great pride in what we do, and in the vision and values which guide our work.

Our vision

  • Support the House as the central institution in our democracy

  • Ensure MPs have all the services they need to be effective and to engage with constituents

  • Act with independence, integrity and professionalism to gain the trust of both MPs and the public

  • Be efficient, responsive, diverse and inclusive to make a valid and valuable contribution to the running of our democracy

  • Maintain the fabric of the Palace of Westminster to preserve it for future generations while providing the accommodation the House of Commons needs to operate effectively

  • Create a model of good practice and innovation that provides value for money


Our values


We act with honesty, probity and political impartiality in serving the House of Commons, its Committees and Members, and the public.


We strive for excellence, effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy, and are always open to new ideas for delivering our services. We respond to changing requirements and are outward looking.


Our co-operative approach is based on mutual support, trust and respect.


We are committed to maximising personal development and equality of opportunity. We value diversity and each individual’s contribution.


We aim to make the House of Commons a good place to work, recognising the importance of work-life balance and getting the most out of the jobs we do