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Our selection processes

To apply for jobs at the House of Commons, candidates generally have to complete an application form which is specific to the post.  This helps make sure applications are all assessed against the criteria for the post in the same way.

To review our latest vacancies and submit an application form, you need to click on ‘apply now’ and register.  You can also tell us about any particular adjustments you might need, for example, if you have a disability.

We short-list applications by assessing the information provided in the application forms against the criteria in the job description.  If you are short-listed we may ask you to complete a test at or before an interview.  If so, we will give you the details in advance.  Interviews are usually conducted by a panel of three people, who will each ask questions in turn and answer any questions you have.  

Further information, including hints and tips on completing application forms, is available once you have registered.